Facts About Electric Cars

You should use a home power outlet to charge them. Plug-in electric vehicles are gaining popularity. While early electric vehicles which were popular have been hybrids that charge their batteries with the help of a gas powered engine, some vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, can connect to an outlet at your home. You’ll need a 240 volt outlet, like the type that would power an electric stove, but if you’ve one in your garage or can retrofit one, you’ll never have to pay for gas again. This does not make an electric carbon neutral, and it could take a handful of hours to charge your vehicle, but it’s pretty cool to power your vehicle at home. 

Hybrid and electric vehicles run considerably more quiet that gas powered vehicles. This may be advantageous to individuals who live close to heavy traffic areas, it might also pose some unintended consequences. In the year 2007 the Wall St.Journal did a history about hybrids and their lack of noise. The focus of the story was on the threat that hybrids and EVs can potentially represent for pedestrians and bicyclists. There have even been talks of mandating some kind of noise for EVs to make to alert pedestrians to their approach. The electric Peugeot EX1, which looks like it came out of Tron, beat the electric world record at the Nrburgring race track in Germany, a punishing, internationally renowned track nicknamed Green Hell. 

In 1828, Hungarian Anyos Jedlik made a model car which was propelled by a small electric engine. In 1895 American William Morrison developed the first 6 passenger electric vehicle. Electric powered taxicab debuted in New York in 1897. Some car companies sold electric vehicles in the beginning of the twentieth century 917 and the, and the first gasoline electric hybrid was sold by Woods Motors of Chicago. Electric vehicles fell out of favor around the 1920 s, when improvements were made to the internal combustion engine and the highway infrastructure expanded.

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